Frequently Asked Questions
What areas do you cover?
We cover most areas within a 45km radius of the CBD
How good are your repairs?
All of our technicians are fully trained with panel beater/spray painter repair backgrounds. As a result we are confident that the work carried out is of the highest standard.
How do you get the correct paint?
All paint mixes are made on site. All we need to do is obtain the paint colour code from your vehicles Vin Stamp and we put that code in our computer which tells us how to mix the paint.
We are able to mix the correct paint for any car from the last 30 years or so.
Are you able to repair stone chips?
If your car has stone chips we can touch them up with a brush to take the eye off them. At the end of the job we can supply you with any leftover paint for a small charge if you wish to complete touch ups yourself in future.
How do you price the repair?
Each repair we do is different and the price depends on the amount of damage on either your alloy or bumper. Please send us a photo where the damage can be clearly seen to ensure we can give an accurate price. Our repairs are as effective as a body shop at a fraction of the cost.
How long will the repair take?
All repairs we complete usually will take no longer than 3 hours depending on how in depth the repair is. We advise that you allow more time than this for us to complete the work as if we are rushed the repair may not be completed properly.
When can I drive the car?
On warm days over 20 degrees we suggest you wait a minimum of 1 hour with the car preferably in the sun before you drive the car. If it’s a cold day without rain we suggest you double this amount of time. If we complete the work in a garage on a rainy day or there is a threat of rain on the repair day we have portable baking machines that will dry the repair so the car can be driven immediately even if raining.
Where will the work be carried out?
We can complete the work at your home or workplace as long as we have room to park, ample light to see what we are doing and access to power within 30 metres of where the work is being done. If we are completing the work in an apartment garage we have work lights we can use but natural daylight shining through or bright garages are preferable to ensure the repair is completed properly. We are unable to complete the work on a public street.

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