Builders Cleaning Perth

Efficient Hard Working Builders Cleaning Perth

Has your site recently been recently had building dust, debris and rubbish splattered all over it?  Fast Track Cleaning can provide you with an efficient after builders cleaning service in Perth.  Our cleaners will work quickly and efficiently to complete your handover without delay.

For larger builders cleaning jobs we will firstly access the site and see what’s required and how long it’s going to take.  Once we have an understanding of our clients requirement and what’s involved we will bring in a team of builders cleaning Perth pros to bring the premises back to a habitable state.

One of the main tasks when providing a builders cleaning service is to remove all the dust which has thickly layered all surfaces.  When our builders cleaning team do a job we will make doubly sure that all the soot and dust is off all surfaces especially the floor.  That may involve vacuuming, wiping and wet vacuuming a couple of times until all that dust is gone.

Our builders cleaning team will make sure everything is taken care of from floor to ceiling and anything else in-between.  Just the same as our professional end of lease cleaning service everything will be done to the highest possible standard.

Our Builders cleaning Perth team will make sure all packaging, tape and plastic is removed from windows, floors, new appliances, cupboards etc.  Any paint on the door hinges will be removed as well as vents that may have attracted dust.

We have successfully completed many after builders cleaning jobs and worked according to the deadlines given.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with the details about your site and what you need done.