Carpet Steam Cleaning Perth WA

Fast Track Cleaning Provides a Super Clean Carpet Steam Cleaning Service in Perth WA

Are you looking for professional, affordable carpet cleaners Perth WA.

Professional carpet steam cleaning not only removes stains from your carpet and keeps your carpet clean but it also assists in your health and well being.

Carpet gathers all types of dust, grime, bacteria and filth usually over a short time.  When carpets are left uncleaned for long periods of time it can be harmful to the air that you breathe.  If you use a high powered, high quality vacuum cleaner, yes it does help to keep your carpet cleaner but there is nothing that cleans your carpet better and more thoroughly than carpet shampoo extraction or carpet steam carpet cleaning.

Fast Track Cleaning makes all of their carpet cleaners Perth WA are fully trained, certified and experienced in expert carpet cleaning techniques, including stain removal.

Our  carpet cleaning Perth technicians complete regular ongoing training which keeps them up to date with the latest and most effective carpet cleaning methods.

Each and every carpet we clean is different whether it is thin or thick pile, from hard wearing to boutique style carpet.  We utilize a cleaning method to suit your type of carpet to ensure the best result.

Upholstery Cleaning Perth WA

Do you require a couch, mattresses or sofa steam cleaned to remove all the dirt and grime which builds up over time.   Maybe you have a pet that makes your lovely lounge room couch full of pet hair.   When steam cleaning upholstery it’s very important to use the right water pressure so the sofa or lounge doesn’t flood and get damaged.   When we clean a sofa, mattress or upholstery we make sure each and every square inch is gone over precisely and properly.  We offer a high quality affordable upholstery cleaning Perth WA service.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you do dry cleaning as well as carpet cleaning?

Yes we can provide both services, depending on what type of carpet you have and how dirty it is. For most carpet we recommend hot water extraction or steam cleaning as it goes deep into the fibres and shampoos your carpet thoroughly whilst extracting all the filth and grime. Dry carpet cleaning is more suitable for carpet that gets cleaned regularly such as hotels or short term accommodation. Dry carpet cleaning can also be an advantage if you wish to walk on the carpet immediately after the work has been completed.

  • Do I Need to Give the Carpet a Vacuum Before you Arrive?

We require all rubbish and things such as hair clips to be off the carpet. If you can give the carpet a quick vacuum it assists us in better preparing the carpet before we steam clean or dry clean it.

  • How Does Your Pricing Work?

Our pricing is calculated per room in a friendly manner. We count 1 room as 12-14sqm approximately. Stairs are counted as 1 room and walk in robes or landing areas depending on the size are added together and calculated accordingly.

  • How Long Does the Work Take?

Depending on the size job that we are doing, most jobs take between 1 hour for an apartment and 2 hours for a house. Rooms usually take about 15 – 20 minutes each plus the set up and pack up time adds up to about 20 minutes also.

  • Do you Move the Furniture Around?

We will move the furniture around within reason. If something is too heavy to be moved or is valuable we will not move it. Most furnished places we are able to move the couch and bedside table and dining chairs etc.

  • How Long Does it Take for the Carpet to Dry After Your Steam Cleaning Perth Service & Can I Walk on It Straight Away?

After carpet has been steam cleaned it can be walked on if you do not have shoes on. Carpet can take anywhere from 6 to 24 Hours to dry depending on weather its winter or summer. It also depends on the air flow that you have. To make sure the carpet doesn’t sweat it’s recommended a window is left open for ventilation once the job is done. If you have air conditioning or heating on, that can also accelerate the drying time.

  • Do you Guarantee Your Work?

Yes we guarantee customer satisfaction. Prior to us commencing a job if there are any types of stains or marks we are concerned may not remove we will discuss with you first. If we complete the work and stains reappear that should have been removed we have no issues returning to re-attend to the stains.  We make sure all our carpet cleaning Perth technicians are of good character, honest and stand by their work.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are available on immediate notice.