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Bond Cleaning Perth According To Condition Report

Bond Cleaning Perth According To Your Condition Report

Conditions reports are extremely important to refer to when bond cleaning Perth. Tenants need to be sure to act in their best interests and complete the entry condition report properly  to secure their bond particularly with older style houses which are already damaged.  In this blog we refer to the Property Condition Report Residential Tenancies Act 1987 (WA) Section 27C(6) 

How to complete a Property Condition Report

  1. The tenant needs to check on entry each item as per the checklist and weather its clean, undamaged and working. This can be very useful when completing final bond cleaning Perth.
  2. 2 Copies of the report must be given to the tenant filled in by the lessor within 7 days of moving in.
  3. The tenant must fill in their condition report asap when moving in.
  4. The tenant must return their filled in copy to the lessor within 7 days of moving in and keep one copy for themselves.
  5. Photographs and video recordings should be signed and dated by each party.
  6. Within 14 days at the end of the lease the lessor must complete an inspection.

bond cleaning perth

Refer To Your Report When Bond Cleaning Perth

The property condition report is the evidence needed to prove the condition of the premises before and after the tenancy and It must be filled out weather there is a bond paid or not.

The report will be compared to the beginning at the end of the lease which is so very important as a reference to bond cleaning Perth.

The tenant is not responsible for fear wear and tear such as high traffic carpet or tiled areas deteriorating. 

There is never to much information added to a report. If you need more space attach an additional sheet which can be signed off on.


The importance of the Property condition report being filled in correctly cannot be neglected otherwise you will leave your bond money open to unfair losses.