End of Lease Flea Treatment

Are you moving out of your home and require end of lease flea treatment Perth service. Have you had a pet in your rental premises and are required to get the place treated for fleas and pests as part of your tenancy agreement. Fast Track Cleaning can provide a fully licensed pest expert to perform an end of tenancy flea treatment.

Included in our house flea treatment Perth service we spray the internal and external of the property for fleas and pests. Our licensed pest technician will ensure the right chemicals are used which will satisfy your end of tenancy flea treatment requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get my vacate flea treatment Perth service done. Is it before or after the cleaning?

The best time to get the house flea treatment Perth done is right at the end after the vacate cleaning and carpet cleaning is completed.

How long until after the vacate flea treatment Perth service is done can I go in the house?

It is advised that you wait at least 12 hours after the flea treatment is done before people start inspecting or moving into the premises.

Will I get a receipt stating the end of tenancy flea treatment has been completed?

Once the service is completed and paid for it will be added onto the receipt outlining all services performed which you provide to your agent. If we are completing the flea treatment alone it will state this on an individual invoice.