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Move Out Cleaning Perth -Save $ Tips Baking Soda

10 Super Handy Uses When Move Out Cleaning Perth On a Budget

Baking Soda can come in handy for many different uses around the house.  It can even assist you to save money with your move out cleaning Perth. See below 10 handy tips it can be used for.    

1 - Heavy Duty Shower Mold Cleaner Try cleaning the mold build up on your shower screen and walls with baking soda on a wet damp cloth.  It work's better than most of the household bathroom cleaning products you find on your supermarket shelf at a fraction of the cost.

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2 - Puts Out Fires Most households these days require a fire extinguisher in the house or apartment when cooking with gas. Baking soda is a great way to extinguish a fire without making a mess of water everywhere.  

3 - Blocked Drain Cleaner Throwing baking soda and water down a blocked drain can release all the clogging things up.  

4 - Window Cleaner Put a bit of baking soda on a damp towel or cloth and wipe it on your dirty kitchen sink window.  It will remove all the dirt without scratching the window and leave the window clear.  

5 - Dirty Cloth Cleaner When our move out cleaning Perth team needs to wash our dirty micro fibre cloths we soak them in baking soda before washing them.  The baking soda gets rid of all the grime.  

6 - Brush Cleaner When cleaning bathroom grout a brush is required. When the brush gets dirty just soak it in some backing soda to remove the grime and filth stuck to it.  

7- Remove Grease & Oil From Garage Floor These types of stains can be a real nuisance. Just soak these marks with baking soda and brush it off with a hard bristle brush.  

8 - Oven Cleaner Soak you oven trays, oven base and racks in baking soda.  You wouldn't believe it works.  

9 - All Purpose Cleaner Put a teaspoon of baking soda in a bottle with a couple of teaspoons of vinegar, shake it up and you have an all purpose cleaner.  

10 - Carpet Stain Spotter Put a bit of baking soda on a cloth with some water and use it the same as a supermarket grade carpet stain spotter. For best results use a soft brush with it.


There you have it; baking soda is one of the most versatile household items most people have on hand. If you are having issues removing any marks you may have caused please refer to our vacate cleaning Perth guide which can assist you with understanding landlord expectations.