Below is a price guide for the repairs we offer, however as no two jobs are ever the same its difficult to give a firm guide as there are many factors involved.

Simply complete the quote form here and we can give you a firm quote for your job

Type of Damage Place of Damage Price From
Scratches Key scratches £110.00
Vandal scratches £110.00
Multi-panel damage £150.00
Bumpers Scuffs £100.00
Cracks £120.00
Holes £120.00
Dents £130.00
Dents Trolley dents £130.00
Parking dents
Please note we usually repair dents via body filler.
Alloy wheels Kerbed rims £60.00
Alloy scuffs £60.00
Set of 4xalloys £200.00
(We don't repair diamond cut/polished or chrome alloys. We also do not do colour changes)*Please contact for diamond cut/polished alloy repairs.
Mirror casing Colour coding £60.00
Scuffs £60.00
Auto-DeScratch Full de-scratch Full de-scratch £300
* The price guide can vary on the extent of the damage, colour of the car, location of the repair etc.
* For more than one area of damage we can offer discounted rates of up to 50% for any subsequent depending what the damage is.
*We can provide a professional, touch-in of stone chip damage. This is a cosmetic repair only, which takes the 'eye' of the damage as well protecting it from any rust.

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