House Spring Cleaning

Spring Make Overs

We provide a specialized spring make over service to ensure your premises are kept up to scratch, hygienic and well maintained. Reconsider spending regular money employing weekly domestic cleaners to do an average job.  All of our employees are tried, tested, hard working and enthusiastic with an eye for detail. Let us come to your home 3-6 monthly and maintain your windows, oven, showers, bathrooms and anything else that you need done. You will be more than impressed with our  team once they are finished with your home.  Your home will feel as clean as a hotel and your friends may be in oar of your oh so clean windows. We  understand not all houses are the same and each client may have a particular cleaning item they want us to concentrate on.  Before starting we will put together a list of what you would like done and prioritize if need to be to make sure we provide a value for money service. Please don't hesitate to contact us.