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Vacate Cleaning Perth (Guide)

Things You Should Know About Vacate Cleaning & Final Inspections At The End Of Your Lease!

If you are renting a home in Perth Western Australia it's important to know your rights as a tenant. We have included important information you should know and refer to as your vacate cleaning Perth guide.

End of Tennancy Inspection

The property manager will complete an inspection once the keys are returned to make sure the property is undamaged and clean.  The property manager/owner must complete an inspection within 14 days after the end of the lease.  After vacate cleaning has been completed and the inspection has been done the property management must provide you with a report of the inspection. The condition report at the beginning of the tenancy will be compared to the report at the end.  If the property manager or lesser believes the vacate cleaning has not been completed to the same standard as the move in report they must give fair and reasonable time to fix any issues and provide evidence of their findings (photographs).   Vacate Cleaning Perth   As a tenant you cannot be charged damages or expected to clean items which are classified as fair wear and tear.  In the event of damage which cannot be cleaned properly such as burns or stains in carpet, the property manager cannot simply replace new for old and expect the tenant to pay the full bill.  They must take into account the severity of the damage, age and general condition.  If the damage is extremely severe the tenant would be charged for the replacement cost of similar quality carpet.  If new for old is replaced the property manager needs to allow for depreciation.  Please see below a general guide to assist you when exiting a property.   Vacate Cleaning Perth 1  

At the end of your lease the bond money will be paid out only if you and the property manager agree. If there is a dispute you should always try and resolve it with the property manager by negotiation.  The fact you have had a full vacate cleaning package completed by a professional company such as Fast Track Cleaning is always something positive in your favor if there is a dispute. It's an offence for a property manager to ask you to sign a blank release bond release form before the end of your tenancy. The form must specify how much is payable to each party before signing.

If either you or the property manager dispute the amount which should be paid you can raise a dispute, either party may apply to the Magistrates Court using the Magistrate’s Court form Application for disposal of bond money for a decision on how the funds should be allocated. Vacate Cleaning Perth 2

Move Out Cleaning Perth Conclusion

We hope this information has been helpful.  It can be used as your simple vacate cleaning Perth guide.  If you wish to read the full guide it can be found here click me!