Professional Window Cleaning Perth

Fast Track Cleaning provides a professional window cleaning Perth service at an affordable price. Isn’t it lovely having your windows sparkly and crystal clear. Particularly in houses that have feature windows or apartments with views. Crystal clear windows can set the rest of your home off with that wow effect.

Fast Track Cleaning have been providing window cleaning Perth services for over 10 years and can be counted on to deliver a fantastic result.

The window cleaning Perth process may look and sound simple but definitely takes a lot of skill and experience to get the glass lovely, clean and sparkly. Firstly we apply a soapy cleaning solution to the dirty window. This penetrates the dirt and grime stuck to the window. Then our professional window cleaning Perth team will use a high quality window cleaning blade to remove the excess water. Once this is done any drips are polished with a dry cloth and the area is checked to make sure the detail of the job is high. Some dirty windows may require cleaning the windows done 2 times such as houses on a busy road or close to the sea.

In our professional window cleaning Perth standard service, fly’s, tracks, sills and frames are also included with the glass cleaning. This means removing all of the dust stuck to the window fly’s and in the tracks plus wiping the window frames so it’s all left dust free.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much more will the service cost if my windows are really dirty?

Sometimes houses that are close to the sea or on busy roads or window areas may be considered overly dirty. If this is the case the service may cost between 30-40% additional on our standard prices.

Can I just get the glass done only and not the flies, tracks and sills and how much will that be?

If you require the glass cleaning only it will cost usually 25-30% less than the full service price.

Is it better to do the windows after or before the cleaning is done?

If you require us to do window cleaning only then its better all of the cleaning get’s done after the window cleaning Perth service is completed. This way the cleaners can pick up any leftover debris from the window cleaner.

Will there be any spots left on the windows?

The windows will be cleaned to a shiny crisp as best as possible. Windows over time develop very small minute spots which stick to the glass and cannot be cleaned off. When we have finished cleaning your windows all possible spots will be removed.

Is your work guaranteed?

Yes, if there are any issues with the work we complete our staff is more than happy to fix these issues at no extra charge.